"New Arrivals", briolettes, silky beads and other updates from April

Good morning from Milan!

We have so many updates for you!

To begin with, NEW ARRIVALS button has been created as some of you pointed out that it was difficult to spot the newly appeared items among thousands of the products that we carry. From now on all updates from the last 30 days will be there. On the other pages you will be able to see the new products as ones tagged by NEW. Hope you'll find it easier to keep up with our growing assortment :)

So far in April we've added some brand new bead types:

Czech Glass Teardrop beads (also known as briolettes):


Czech Glass Faceted Rondelles:

 Czech Glass Faceted Rondelles

Czech Glass Table Cut Pansy beads (just a preview so far, more colors next week)::


Czech Glass Silky Arcobaleno beads (more colors will arrive next week):


Czech Glass Silky Valle beads (more colors will arrive next week)::


Czech Glass Heart beads:


Czech Glass Leaf beads:


In May all the Miyuki seed beads and beads will be published (we have one of the biggest color ranges in Europe, so get ready :) ) as well as new colors of Silky Beads, SuperDuo, Rulla, and much much more! Stay in touch!

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