Miyuki Delica seed beads & why we love them

Miyuki Seed Beads are produced in Japan since 1949 by one of the best glass seed bead manufacturers in the world and Delica is the brand name of cylinder seed beads by Miyuki. (similarly, cylinder seed beads produced by TOHO are called TOHO Treasures.) Miyuki Delica seed beads were first coined in 1982 as an alternative to French metallic cylinder beads and since then gained huge popularity and worldwide recognition.

What makes Miyuki Delicas so popular all over the world?

First, it is uniformity in size and shape. Japanese seed beads don't require calibration and there are very very few broken seed beads in the package. Any beadwork using Miyuki Delica can be started right away and you can be sure that whether you do peyote stitch, brick stitch, or beadweaving on looms, the uniform cylinder shape of Delica will give the finished piece a flat quality-looking surface.

Second, Miyuki Delica seed beads have a proportionally large hole and thin wall (keeping outer size standard, like 11/0, 8/0 etc. ) that allows more threads to pass through the same seed bead in woven work. Delica seed beads, therefore, give you much more opportunities for experimentation, as well as for the correction of your works.

What is more, the wall/hole ratio makes Delica seed beads very light in comparison with regular seed beads. What does it mean for you? Not only the jewellery created from Delicas will be lighter and more comfortable to use, but also buying Delicas you get more seed beads per gram!

Miyuki makes Delica seed beads in four sizes: 8/0, 10/0, 11/0 and 15/0. HauteHobby.com carries all 4 of them.

Color codes are uniform inside the Delicas family (DB0010 is the Delica #11 while DBL0010 is the Delica #8 of the same color) which helps you combine sizes in your work.

At the same time, color codes of Miyuki Round seed beads are different from Delica seed beads color codes. Be aware of that and for our convenience Miyuki created an official conversion table between Miyuki Rounds and Delica color codesclick here

We have a huge range of Miyuki Delicas at HauteHobby, more than 850 colors of just size 11/0 (we carry all 4 sizes) and great selection of color mixes. Click here to see our Miyuki Delica assortment.

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