Unique Czech Glass Finish - Lila Luster

  Gentle petals of sakura leaves, a shade of sunset in Bahamas, the color of your romantic mood - Lila Luster Czech glass finish is so beautiful!

It has this subtle, but captivating golden spark, seen especially well on Silky beads and Spikes. Being a glass finish, a top coat, Lila Luster looks slightly different when applied to various color bases. In the collage you can see Lila Luster on both Chalk White and Alabaster base glass and that explains a slight difference in the final color of the beads.

Nevertheless, don't worry! The beads in Alabaster Lila Luster will work perfectly with Chalk White Lila Luster ones creating a sophisticated light falling that can be done only by exploiting this tiny difference in color.

Whether you're looking for the girlish appeal or the floral tenderness, Lila Luster is a stunning choice!

Looking for Lila Luster beads at HauteHobby? Click here or type " 14494 " in our website search and see all the Czech beads we have in Lila Luster finish.

Unique Czech Glass FInish - Lila Luster

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