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HauteHobby team welcomes you to the world of fashion and beauty that surrounds all of us!

Our motto is clear: we're here to help you make the world beautiful! We want to inspire you and provide you with all the necessary tools for self expression, be it embroidery, weaving, etc... Whatever your handmade passion is, we want to make sure you'll find what you're looking for and will never be limited in your choice!

Our products' selection is already one of the biggest in Europe and we continue working on expanding and refining our assortment. HauteHobby.com chooses only the best of the best, because that's what our clients deserve!

Our project is unique, because we are not just another e-shop. We aim to re-style the very nature of handmade! Having experience in the world of fashion industry, we realized that handmade and the vision of its creator are what makes the most amazing and breathtaking things in the world!

Couture gowns are handmade. Expensive jewelry is handmade. Chic shoes and bags are handmade.

All the best things in the world are handmade, so we all can do haute couture. And why shouldn't we?

HauteHobby is about caring and paying attention to the details. HauteHobby is about selecting the forms and the colors of your future creation. HauteHobby is about embodying your ideas. HauteHobby is about sharing your vision with the world.

Handmade is haute couture, and haute couture can never go out of style.


Company Information:
Zoe Monaco S.N.C.
Sede Legale:
Corso di Porta Vittoria 50, Milano, Italy, 20122 P. Iva. 03491710046


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